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Iranian Dates

The process of Dates production in the world
Statistical and informational analysis of FAO shows that area under cultivation, production, processing, export and import of dates has increased in the past 30 years in all over the world. The reason for increase and develop is proper situation of dates production areas and low expectation of palm dates and also applying technical aspects and scientific principles. Supporting international organizations and global marketing are other reasons for developing dates marketing.

Dates needs humid and grow in tropics area. South of Iran one of big region of supplying Dates specially Sayer dates and it has over 100 variety of dates. The most famous for export are Sayer (Sair) dates . Dates paste, Chopped dates and Syrup dates made of Sayer (Sair) dates which is really important for export.
SARADIPOUR one of the biggest dates processing in Khuzestan origin of Sayer (Sair) dates. We qualified ISO 9001, 22000 & HACCP certificates. SARADIPOUR can supply Sayer (Sair) dates and other variety of dates in year.

Sayer Dates (Sair Dates),Piarom Dates, Rabbi Dates, Mazafati Dates, Kabkab, Zahedi, Dates Paste, Syrup Dates, Chopped Dates.

Ordering Tracking

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