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Piarom Dates

This type of dates are longer than the others, they are dry and have dark brown color. Unripe fruit of Piarom dates have brown color and thin-skinned and fleshy part and skin is complete separate and needs more time for productivity and also it’s organic and never use any chemical substances to end of harvest witch it has best quantity for export.

Harvest: Mid of September

First ready to loading cargo: First week of October

Taste: Sweetest Dates

Physical properties:
• Color: Dark Brown (Reddish)
• Length: 4 – 5 cm
• Diagonal: 1.5 – 2.5 cm
• Weight: 9 – 11 gr
• Dry

• A Grade
• B Grade

Consumer Items: Consumer Packing, Snack, Medicine.

Importer countries: All over the world specially Europe, Russia, Middle East, Far East.

Area under cultivation: South of Iran

The quantity of per container 20 FCL: 17 MT, 40 FCL 28 MT.

Type of Packing : 10 kg Cartons, 5 kg, Small Pack (Under 1 kg).

Shelf Life: 2 years

Storage Condition: Room Temperature, Need Fumigation each two month.

Export From Iran: 14000 MT


Piarom Dates

Piarom Dates

Ordering Tracking

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