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Sayer Dates (Sair Dates)

This type of dates in local called as Saemeran and the most popular in oversea market called Sayer Dates (Sair Dates). 70% – 80% of Palms in Khuzestan is Sayer (Sair). It’s one of the most important export item in this province. Sayer (Sair) in the point of sugar and nutrition value is unique which has great syrup. the most important specification of this type is being semi-dry which is capable to storage and with longer shelf life than other kind of dates. The best chapped dates and dates paste made from Sayer dates (Sair Dates) . The Sayer (Sair) harvest season is at the Mid of September.

Harvest of Sayer dates (Sair Dates): Mid of September

First ready to loading cargo: First week of October

Taste: Sweet

  • Physical properties:
     Color: Dark Brown (Reddish)
     Length: 3 – 4 cm
     Diagonal: 1.5 – 2.5 cm
     Weight: 8:31 gr
  • Grading:
     Supper Select (59 Pcs/lb)
     Select (72 Pcs/lb)
     B Grade (85 Pcs/lb)
     GAQ (112 Pcs/lb)
     FAQ (Non Count)

Consumer Items: Bakery, confectionery, Snack, Medicine, Dates Paste, Industrial, consumer packing.

Importer countries: All over the world specially Europe, Russia, North America, South Africa, Middle East, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand.

Area under cultivation: %90 Khuzestan, Iran, %5 Iraq, %5 UAE.

The quantity of per container 20 FCL: 17 MT, 40 FCL: 28 MT.

Type of Packing : 10 kg Cartons, 5 kg, Small Pack (Under 1 kg), 250 gr, 500 gr Compressed Pack

Shelf Life: 2 years

Storage Condition: Room Temperature, need Fumigation each two months.

Annual production: In Iran 40000 MT

Export From Iran: 25000 MT

Sayer Dates / Sair Dates

Sayer Dates / Sair Dates

Ordering Tracking

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