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Good news for Iranian dried fruits exporters and their customers

On base of BBC and Dailymail News, Central bank of Iran and 15 banks were connected to SWIFT after four years sanctions.

Looking to nuclear sanctions, Iran banned SWIFT services since 2012. Swift sanctions had been lifted from the first day of implementation removing of sanction, The only remaining issue was the provision of “hardware and software requirements necessary to connect to SWIFT” by Iranian banks.
Iranian Central Bank and 15 other banks are pleased with the success of the technical process and all of them were connected to SWIFT.
Connect to SWIFT work will facilitate the exchange of Iranian banks with foreign banks and “a great success for normal banking relations” with Iran.
With this connection Dried Fruits exporters in Iran can reduce their transfer cost and risk and can boost their exports to regain market specially North America.
SARADIPOUR believe it’s very early which Iranian dried fruits exporters ask from their customers to pay to them directly to Iranian account as according to our source still overseas banks resist to do this directly and it’ll take several month to all return back to real situation. But at least they can work with third party overseas bank account easier than before!


Ordering Tracking

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