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Dates & Immune System


We are all know that we are spending very special situation and it’s COVID-19 issue!
During these days we have to follow the guidlines from valid references and take care about ourselves and our families and friend by following those guidelines. The most important  factor these days is to take care about our immune system.
Making healthy lifestyle choices by consuming nutritious foods and getting enough sleep and exercise are the most important ways to bolster your immune system.
In addition, research has shown that foods with certain vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other substances can improve immune response and potentially protect against illness.
Sayer Dates is the one of the best choices that can improve immune system. In addition to tasting great, sayer dates contain protein, vitamins, and minerals.
They are also:
High in polyphenols
High in fiber
High in potassium

Wish you safe and healthy days. πŸ™‚

Ordering Tracking

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