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My name is Hassan, born in April 1982, manager of SARADIPOUR Company. As one of the youngest exporters of Iranian dried fruits, I started my career in 2006 in the field of exporting raisins and dates. Dissemination of rapid and transparent information on the internal developments of Iran’s dried fruits market (raisins and dates) was the main aim of launching this blog. Here, you can obtain first-hand information in an immediate environment that may leak […]

Turkish Sultanas Market Statues

The Turkish crop is looking less than 270 000 tonnes, with some in the market claiming 250 000 tonnes. Prices are now up to USD2 200-2 250/ tonne with some very optimistic sellers selling for USD2 100-2 150/tonne.Β  Brix quality is less than last year due to earlier harvesting before Bayram and most harvesting is expected to be completed by next week.

Ordering Tracking

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