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🌴Sayer Dates Crop 2018 Report 🌴

This season like previous seasons we are having first hand news from Sayer dates market for you.
In the final analysis the quantity of the product has been higher then last season, the quantity of industrial dates is remarkable and the whole products have smaller size than the crop 2017 and that’s because of the drought this year which is unprecedented in the last 70 years.

It is important to note however, that the dates of the Karoon river are jumbo, but the dates of around Bahmaneshir and Arvand river (Abadan region) are smaller and that’s because they feed from the river’s salty water this year and the salt content of the rivers been higher this year due to the flow of salt water from the Cane Sugar field into the river.
Moreover the quantity of large GAQ, B Grade, select and super select grade are less than last harvest so it’s important to note that buyer which looking for jumbo size to book their orders as soon as possible.
Furthermore because of new sanction, shipping costs are increased between 200%-300% than before and which seems it’ll increase up to 500% in beginning of season, but because of rate of USD increased against Iran Rials, prices are going to be around last season so buyers don’t need to be worry about this change.

The most important news about market is the quantity of small GAQ, FAQ and industrial dates are higher than other grades so it seems a lucky season for health bars and confectionery producers.

By the same token SARADIPOUR as biggest Sayer dates exporter ready for this situation and already planned everything for this day. SARADIPOUR is aware of market changes and select best quality. SARADIPOUR booked all the lands which you can see on upper map (Orange Parts) that have best quality dates, this season SARADIPOUR have a good quality year ahead. We did rise our first purchase order 200% more than last year at the beginning of the season.
SARADIPOUR is ready to intern into market stronger than ever and offer the best quality, surprises and services to our good customers.


Ordering Tracking

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