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🌴Sayer Dates Crop 2019 Report 🌴


This season the harvesting of Sayer Dates (crop 2019) starts from 6 September to 27 September. This season, against last year, due to significant rainfall throughout the year, Sayer dates have a larger size and higher quality than last year therefore, industrial grade dates are less and most dates are useful for exporting.

SARADIPOUR, same as previous years, this year also consider to prepare high quality products from the best dates lands for you. 

We’ll prepare the Sayer dates from:

1. The Karoon district: that has dates in larger size and higher quality but less quantity than last year.

2. The Abadan city: that has dates in small size (but larger than last year) and high quality; but its quantity is 20% less than last year. 

The price offering starts in mid-September. Depending on mentioned features and economic impacts, the price is expected to increase by 15% compared to last year.

For more details, usually the crops should be harvested to obtain information of their specifications.

Ordering Tracking

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